Hope for Healing

We Aim To Get To The Root Causes To Find Permanent Solutions. Begin Your Journey to Health and Wellness!

We offer Functional Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Nutrigenomics, and Holistic Nutrition consults for all ages.

We also offer Primary Care for patients from birth through 65 years of age, utilizing a functional medicine approach. 

Functional Medicine

Our functional medicine practice focuses on genetics, nutrition, and wellness. Functional medicine seeks to uncover the underlying causes and triggers of illness utilizing genetic and other specialized lab testing.

 Regenerative Medicine

Our unique approach addresses systemic immune and neurologic deficiencies using precise genetic testing, aiming to reduce destructive inflammation and to promote innate healing. We use stem cells and/or exosomes obtained through RegenAlliance. 


Analysis of the effects of nutrient intake on gene function and health.

Genetic variations affect how the body utilizes nutrients and removes toxins.

An understanding of an individual’s genotype enables diets and supplementation to be tailored to meet specific genetic needs.

Holistic Nutrition

An essential component of long term health and wellness is nutrition. You cannot achieve optimal health and wellness without ongoing improvements to your eating habits. That is usually an insurmountable struggle. We encourage all of our patients to accelerate their journey to long term health and wellness with coaching from our Holistic Nutritional Health Coach.

Primary Care

We offer quality time with our providers to examine the patient, investigate issues, discuss your concerns, and together devise a plan for treatment. Our aim is to get to the root and solve issues permanently.

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